Men Wearing Panties stories

When Did You Start Wearing Panties

Many men wearing panties, guys wearing panties started wearing panties while growing up wearing family members panties like wearing moms panties, wearing sisters panties, wearing aunts panties, wearing cousins panties, wearing neighbors panties, wearing friends moms panties, wearing friends... Click to Read More

Welcome To The Men Wearing Panties Blog

The men wearing panties blog is a blog for men wearing panties, men wearing pantyhose, men wearing lingerie, couples wearing panties, couples wearing lingerie, couples wearing pantyhose, crossdressers, etc. Its a blog for advice, tips, suggestions, information, experiences, and acceptance. No... Click to Read More

Does Wearing Panties Feel Good

Only a guy who has not worn panties would ask this question. Wearing panties feels amazing and for those men who have not slipped on a pair of panties give it a try, wearing panties will not change you, or change who you are, or suddenly make you less of a man or suddenly make you attracted to guys.... Click to Read More

12 Days Of Panties

We all know the song the 12 days of christmas, well I thought I would make a 12 days of panties christmas song. This year you will notice all Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin panties. Since Victoria's Secret Second Skin Satin panties have been discontinued for awhile now I am sure that many of us satin... Click to Read More

Any Guys Wearing Panties

You might see other men asking this question, any guys wearing panties, any men wearing panties, any males wearing panties. Guys who wear panties are curious about do any other guys wear panties, do any other men wear panties, do any other males wear panties. For many guys wearing panties, men wearing... Click to Read More

Women Masturbating With Panties

Us men wearing panties, men sniffing panties, men licking panties, men rubbing with panties, men masturbating with panties, men jerking with panties, men using panties, men smelling panties we know how amazing panties make us feel. And many women totally understand why us men enjoy panties so much,... Click to Read More

Telling A Woman You Wear Panties

Telling your girlfriend you wear panties, telling your wife you wear panties, telling a woman you wear panties can take a bit of time to gain the courage to do. For many men wearing panties it took them years from them to tell wife I wear panties, tell girlfriend I wear panties or tell a... Click to Read More

Neighbors Panties

Have you ever been curious about your neighbors panties, have you ever borrowed neighbors panties, stolen neighbors panties. Often times while growing you many men wearing panties became curious about panties by seeing the neighbors panties hanging on the clothesline, or while asked to housesit for the neighbor... Click to Read More

Do Women Like Men In Panties

Many men wearing panties wonder do women like men wearing panties, and the answer to that is yes there are many women who like men wearing panties. There are many couples wearing panties, wifes who like husband wearing panties, girlfriend who like boyfriend wearing panties and women who like seeing men... Click to Read More

Panty Styles, Panties Styles, Types Of Panties

There are so many names and terms for all the various panty types or panty styles in the stores and online. Here are the most commonly used descriptions and illustrations for the various panties styles or panties types. The Midi - a panty that sits under the belly button, has full... Click to Read More

Caught With Sisters Panties

Many men wearing panties grew up borrowing their sisters panties. Often times your sisters panties were your first introduction to panties. Your sisters panties looked so much different than your underwear, your sisters panties felt so much different than your underwear. Seeing your sisters panties... Click to Read More

Pulling Panties To Side, Panty To The Side

Would you rather take her panties off or pull her panties to the side. Most of us men enjoy many things about panties, seeing them, feeling them, finding them, etc, everything about panties turns us on. And when it comes to sex we would rather see our wife in panties, girlfriend in... Click to Read More