Men Wearing Panties stories

How Many Pairs Of Panties Do You Have

So how many pairs of panties do you have. Do you have more panties than your wife or girlfriend. I think us men wearing panties value our panties much more than woman value there panties. We buy panties and typically we have them for life, unless we wear them out, which is part of the fun of... Click to Read More

When Did You Start Wearing Panties

What age did you start wearing panties. For many men wearing panties they started wearing panties very early on, the average being from 5 -12. However there are other guys wearing panties who started out later in life, 20's, 30's, 40's and even later. But the majority of men wearing panties... Click to Read More

Panty Fabrics Or Panty Materials

A wide variety of fabrics is used in the construction of women?s panties. The most commonly used fabric for panties is cotton, however for most men wearing panties cotton is their least favorite fabric. Satin and silk are preferred by most men wearing panties for the smooth, cool texture and shiny... Click to Read More

Whats Your Favorite Style Of Panties

There are so many styles of panties, which style is your favorite. Below are various charts and descriptions of panty styles. Click here to take a survey of your favorite style of panties. G-String A minimalist's favorite Offers the least coverage of any panty fit Virtually invisible... Click to Read More

Am&Amp;Nbsp;I The Only Man Who Wears Panties

Its amazing the number of men wearing panties, men wearing lingerie, men wearing pantyhose there are. For most who wear panties, lingerie or pantyhose you probably thought for many years am I the only man who wears panties, pantyhose or lingerie. Growing up none of your friends wore panties,... Click to Read More

How Often Do You Wear Panties

So how often do you wear panties. Men who wear panties vary on how often they wear panties. Some men wearing panties wear panties 24 7 other men wearing panties wear panties occasionally, maybe a few times a week, once per week or a few times a month. Some men wearing panties only wear panties while... Click to Read More

A Women'S Opinion On Men Wearing Panties

I found out my husband wore panties about 10 years ago, at the time we were dating and about 4 months into our relationship. He told me while we were being intimate that he liked to wear panties. At first I was a bit shocked, confused, did not really know why he wore panties. I am pretty... Click to Read More

Whats Your Favorite Color Of Panties

So whats your favorite color of panties. Panties come in a huge variety of colors, its not the plain, basic boring colors mens underwear comes in, black, white, gray, blue. Some of the colors womens panties come in even have unique names for them, a simple pink, blue red, etc color might be... Click to Read More

What Happened To Satin Panties

Satin panties are a favorite for many men wearing panties. That silky, shiny, slippery, smooth, cool fabric feels so good against our male parts. Even the sight of a pair of satin panties whether on or off is exciting. Its like they have some sort of glow around them, and they just might, some of... Click to Read More

Caught Wearing Panties

Have you ever been caught wearing panties. Many of us who wear panties have been caught wearing panties, or almost caught wearing panties at some point. Often times in our early panty wearing years when we are younger we were caught because we were not as careful back in our early days. Caught wearing panties... Click to Read More

Who'S Where The First Panties You Wore

So whose panties did you start out wearing. I know for most of us the first panties we ever wore was our mothers panties or sisters panties. Our mothers panties or sisters panties were the first panties we saw either in the hamper, laundry pile, on the floor in the bathroom or on the... Click to Read More