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So Dissapointed

after writing 3 stories, 2 of them true, and sharing over 60 photos in my panties and girdles and stockings, ive gotten nothing but thumbs down. after writing 3 stories, 2 of them true, and sharing over 60 photos in my panties and girdles and stockings, ive gotten nothing but thumbs down. i want to share more... Click to Read More

Caught Starting Out

when i first started dressing fully, with a wig and shoes and such, i was newly married and without children. i got my first skirt at the local goodwill and generally just snagged my bras and panties from my wife. i eventually bought my own, when i started to buy my own pantyhose (which i just LOVE by the... Click to Read More

Written Long Ago Part III (Fantasy)

They told me they all wanted another blowjob and then I could MAYBE go masterbate my dick. So I had to redo my lipstick and they compared how far down their cocks did I leave a ring. I did that and then they took off the dildo cocks and took their panties down and told me to come sniff how... Click to Read More

Written Long Ago Part II (Fantasy)

When we were eating they made me sit with my legs crossed like a girl and to be really careful not to get anything on the dress and they made me act like a lady they said. Sherry followed me up to my room to change out of the clothes for the night and she had put a little see through nighty and... Click to Read More

Written Long Ago Part I (Fantasy)

Recently my parents went out of town for an extended weekend. I didn’t figure my sister to be around much with her being a senior in high school this year. Im just starting 9th grade. She came in my bedroom that Friday morning and threw a pair of satin panties at me and demanded to know what the... Click to Read More


A little back story is in order here. All the time I was growing up, my old widowed next-door-neighbor had a roommate. When her older roommate got married, my sister started to stay there every night. The neighbor didn’t like having the house to herself. When my sister left for college, the neighbor tried to get some... Click to Read More

My First Time With A Man

I met Matt on Adam 4 Adam. I had just joined the site and wanted to find someone willing to explore my panty fetishes and crossdressing with me. I had chatted with numerous men when one man told me about Matt. He told me Matt likes to use him and dress him in crotchless panties any chance they are... Click to Read More


40 year old average guy. Accept sometimes I like to wear ladies clothes. Not all them. Just certain types of panties (in this case full cut cotton briefs in colors or prints) or nightshirt nightie or cute top. On occasion a cute dress. And I don't want to be a woman just like the feeling while wearing. One day I got... Click to Read More

Pretty Panties

I am a new member of this club and I really enjoy it. I am an older man in my seventys. I have been wearing panties off and on for years, but now I wear them every day. My favorite masturbation story I will tell you about was a long time ago when I was 13 years old. I had a cousin who was 16 years old and she wore... Click to Read More

Wifes Poker Game

My wife holds a house game once month and has for the last 4-5 years. 4-6 of her lady friends. I normally go play that night at a casino. It was one of the ladys birthdays and they went out to eat and then came to the house to play poker. I didn't have a good night at the casino and had got home as they were... Click to Read More

Walking The Dog

This was while walking my dog at 5:30am. I specifically chose this time to walk my dog because I didnt want to run into anyone. For the first time, I walked out of my house while wearing just a bra with a cami tank top and a pair of floral short shorts. It was just going to be a short walk down the street and back.... Click to Read More

Saturday Mornings

I recall many a Saturday morning before I left the home where I grew up. I would lay in bed listening to mom and dad getting ready to go out to work. With each passing minute, my excitement grew. Eventually dad would leave and mom would soon follow him. With the house now empty except for me, I would wait just in... Click to Read More