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Doctor'S Exam

I had a doctor appointment last week and it was just a follow up to some previous blood work so I decided I would wear some nylon panties under my jeans. I do this every now and again, but haven’t worn to a doctor visit in some time. I had just shaved my legs the day before and spent a good half hour afterward... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt VIII

After what seemed like an eternity, Mrs Winters had me back over for the day. She had a special plan. I went over after breakfast and she had me head up to the bedroom right off, in order to get dressed. I got undressed and took off my underpants right as Mrs Winters walked-in. I was given... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt VII

I couldn’t wait to talk to Ron about what happened, after we had gone home. I had to go with my mom and dad on a couple of errands so I had to wait and suffer until the next day. I woke up early and waited for him to get up and a chance for us to get together for whatever all of us kids were... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt VI

I stepped off the bottom step and turned into the living room and there was my BEST FRIEND, Ron! He was wearing high heel shoes similar to mine, and a pretty sundress like mine but with a different pattern! He also had make up on. Eye makeup, some on our cheeks and lipstick! I could see his... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt V

I went over to see Mary soon after our period talk and she of course welcomed me in. I felt kind of weird going to see her but I think I was more intrigued by her having that tampon in her pussy more than anything else. She had to coax it out of me, but I said I really liked getting dressed up... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt IIII

So as I continued to think about Mary, and wearing a bra and panties and pantyhose, and being dressed as a girl, and I continued to jerk off, I got curious about Mary talking about girls’ periods and a need to wear to panties even with pantyhose. We kids all continued to hang out with Mary but... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt III

So I was out wandering around the yard doing nothing. All my friends were busy with other things and Mary the neighbor lady called me from her back door. I ran over to see what was up and she told me she had something to share with me, and that my mom knew I’d be over at her house for a while.... Click to Read More

Being Randy

i havent had a lot of Leesa time lately and i was getting a little randy. i came home from work and hopped into the shower. grabbed some sweet coconut body wash and cleaned off the overnight grime. dragged my razor over my legs and ass, and rubbed down with some lotion after drying off. i stepped into my lavender... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor Pt II

I was told to relax and to sit back down on the bed. She sat down beside me and was told to feel my bra and breast. I did and then she had me feel her bra and breasts which of course got me even hornier than I was. She went on to say this is how boys and girls feel differently. She said that... Click to Read More

Learning From The Neighbor

its 1976. im 11 years old and gettting to where i get randy pretty easily. a young couple (mid-20s) move in next door. Mary and Wes have no kids. There are about 6 other kids my age (+ or - a year either way) in the neighborhood and we all love hanging out with Mary because we make pizzas and play... Click to Read More