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Understanding Wife

My wife, Susan told Heather about her discovery of my habit some time ago. It happened when she was out shopping for what I thought would be hours at some mall with Heather and Susan?s mother who was temporarily staying with us post cardiac surgery. I took the opportunity to go straight to the hamper. I found... Click to Read More


?Please, Bob! Let?s go. We haven?t been to a party in years!? Susan, my wife was whining. I was absorbed in a Charles Bronson film marathon on TV and I was only half paying attention. ?I hate parties. You go!? I adjusted myself in my easy chair. Susan?s panties fit me perfectly under my shorts. Susan knew about my... Click to Read More

Cross Dressing

It was my first visit to the thrift store. The racks were filled with luscious skirts, blouses, slips and there was a wonderful bin of used panties that caught my eye as soon as I entered the store. I hoped no one could see the boner that I sported in my pants. The instructions from Susan were specific. Go into... Click to Read More

Sissified By Mistress Connie

a few years ago i was dating a beautiful woman who when found out about my panty wearing and my collection of Female Domination books and videos, She decided She would help me fulfill some of my fantasys. She would dress me up completely as a woman or to be Her sissy. Panties, and all the female... Click to Read More


I was twelve and, although I had been able to work up a stiff boner, I couldn't get it to squirt the way the other boys at school could. No matter how much i stroked or rubbed, nothing would happen. One boy at school tried to jack me off but without results. One day i decided to explore the room of an aunt who was... Click to Read More

Woman Approves

Confessions of a Pantied Dick Teaser It all started in the freshman year of college for me. I?m actually a quite ordinary girl from a middle class family and my Dad would simply die if he knew what I did to ?put myself through school.? Not to mention my mother, whose tight little twat has probably been dry as a... Click to Read More


I've been wearing lingerie, stockings and high heels for years, but when I got married about ten years ago my new wife knew all about this, and particularly wearing stockings. I always wear bra and panties in bed and often stockings, hold-ups, camisoles or whatever. My collection of undies is quite large - about 60 sets... Click to Read More


I knew around lunch time that I would be visiting my favorite rest stop latter that night dressed only in my feminine finery. Around 8:00pm I started the glorious tranformation. I stripped naked and began by slipping into a white nylon bra made by Hanes Her Way. It had delicate lace on the cups and a pretty white bow in... Click to Read More


One Saturday I was at home by myself, my mom had taken my sister to the mall. Anyway I was feeling very horny and my nude books just were not working. I started thinking about my sister, how she really didn't look too bad and how her little ass looked good in her tight jeans. I just couldn't help myself. I went to her... Click to Read More


I too have been swept up in the whole world of panty worship and still I go deeper amazed at how sexy it is. I used to go for the dirty panties in peoples laundry and snatch a pair here and there from friends, that led to wearing them, which led to wearing them out under my clothes to adult bookstores and teasing those... Click to Read More


I am new to this site and just wanted to share my fetish and experience with you. I love to wank while I have a soiled pair of panties to my nose. It turns me on knowing than the patch of cloth that is now by my nose was tight against a woman?s vaginal lips with her juices dribbling out. I make a point of finding out where... Click to Read More


My induction into cross-dressing started when a neighbor named florence caught me by accident. She was single and was a lady whose beauty was stunning. She also dressed in the most beautiful clothes in the world. Her collection of clothes and high heels was like a magnet to me. In the neighborhood that I lived, no one... Click to Read More