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Always Liked Silky Things

For me, I've always had a fetish with silky or stretchy underwear. With each girlfriend that I've had, not one of them ever had a problem with my preference of wearing womens underwear. In fact, most of them liked it. Anyhow, my wife knew I loved my fancy undies and never had any issues with it. I... Click to Read More

Panties For Christmas

Well I finally got panties for Christmas from my loving wife. Not only did she buy me panties, but she picked out ones that she thought would look good and not what I had asked her to get. She bought me 3 Jockey Modern Edge Invisible bikinis. All 3 in fantastic patterns. The material is super soft and there... Click to Read More

Wife Caught Me

It was Friday morning and I decided I was going to work from home, so I called my office assistant and told her to open the office I might be in later, made a pot coffee took a cup into my wife, "aren't you going into the office today?" nope going to work from home today and I thought I would bake some bread. I... Click to Read More

Soft N Silky

So my first real shopping experience. My wife works nights and she asked me to drive her in she works about an hour from home so I did. We have no retail stores in town so I decided to go to the mall nearby. I was quite nervous I walked into sears and was looking around. Then this older SA walked up to me and asked if... Click to Read More

These Are Nice

I was pretty excited lately when I shopped for panties at Walmart. I thought they had self check out, so I picked up a few food items in my cart and then rolled over to the intimates section. I was bolder than usual, sticking around and really looking at the fabrics, styles, and prices. So I found a pair of high... Click to Read More

Great Taste

I had a very pleasant SA yesterday at Bloomingdale's. I'd picked out three panties from the sale rack and she complimented me on my good taste. She said I was going to make someone very happy and I said yep me! She smiled and I felt great knowing she noted my good taste.

Sales Clerk Lane Bryant

I went into Lane Bryant last week and the ladies could not have been more helpful... i was greeted with "if you need any help just let me know"..after wondering around in the shop for awhile, the SA came up and notice the i kept coming back to a certain section and asks what was catching my eye.. it was a... Click to Read More

Great Sales Clerk

This took place not long after my first time. It is a smaller store, not really a chain. I walked in and did the usual tour of the store and saw SA near the register, she greeted me and carried on, a short time later she stopped by to see who, what i was shopping for. I said I was just looking around and she... Click to Read More

Finally Went Shopping

I finally got up the nerve to go shopping for panties for me. I had worn some I bought at Wal Mart but decided it was time to get some good fitting ones. I went to the local Belk store and proceeded to the lingerie department. It was very quiet and no one was around good thing because my heart was racing but... Click to Read More

Naughty Texting

My wife was away with friends and began texting me at night asking asking what i was doing while all alone in our big bed. I told her i was reading and contemplating going to sleep. What i didnt tell her was that i had on her black nylons and matching silk panties. She kept asking me to send her pictures to prove i... Click to Read More


I used to go through my mom's underwear draw and use her panties and bra to get off with. One day after school, I was rubbing my mom's panties and bra on my face and using another pair to jerk off with. I was finishing when my sister walked in and was like, "what are you doing". I remember her looking at the underwear and... Click to Read More


So I hit the jackpot a few nights ago. Went to my mother-in-law's with my wife and two sisters-in-law. One of their husbands was there but left shortly after eating. All of the women, my wife, her two sisters, and their mom all went into their moms room and closed the door. I was just outside of the room laying down. I... Click to Read More