Men Wearing Panties stories

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Manager Caught Me

Back when I started wearing panties, one day at work I had to bend over to get something and realized the pink Lacy briefs may have peaked out over my shorts, and our manager was right behind me. Wasn't sure if she noticed until one day somehow we got on the subject of underwear, and she did mention,"there are a... Click to Read More

Caughty By Mom

I was eight years old and I took a pair of red panties from the girl next door. My mom caught me trying them on and made me give them back. I did it again and also got caught. This time my mom asked me why I was doing this and I said I liked them. She said if I buy you your own panties will you stop stealing them. I... Click to Read More

Black Nylon Bikini

My wife and I had a female (20-ish, single, brunette, and very pretty) stay with us for a few months. One day, while she was at school, I walked past her room. I glanced in and noticed she had a hamper of dirty clothes. I quietly walked in (nobody was home so, I'm not sure why I cared about being quiet) and... Click to Read More

Caught In Pantyhose

I started crossdressing when I was maybe 8 or 9. I had been trying on my mom's panties, bras, and slips for several years before I got caught. My downfall that day was the pantyhose. Everything else I could get off or cover up if my mom came home from work early. But when I got caught, I was trying to get those... Click to Read More

Pantyhose And Panties

I have been wearing pantyhose since a very early age. Was in the closet for many years. My wife caught me a couple of times and finally said I didn't have to hide my wearing of pantyhose anymore. When I got my stash out there were a couple pair of her old panties included. She asked if I wore those too, I... Click to Read More


Halloween is the best time of year for us, it's a great opportunity to dress up and go out in public to get used to it without any judgment from others and it is a lot of fun, you can go any where and people are just oh it's Halloween. I generally go out almost every night for the two or three weeks of October. All of... Click to Read More

Amazing Panties

My job takes me into peoples homes to do work. So I get to this house to work for these people. The people say something about their daughter being home from college and still sleeping so they need to wake her up and get her out of the room. After about 20 minutes she comes downstairs. 1 HOT daughter wearing SUPER... Click to Read More

Dressed For Her

I had been wearing for most of my adult life. I had always dreamed of wearing in front of her but knew better. About 2 months ago I rolled the dice and wore her panties to bed. She was surprised to say the least. But LOVED IT. She went wild! The next night I shaved my legs, chest and under my arms. I wore... Click to Read More

Wife Got Me Into Panties

My wife and I were on vacation a few years ago camping near Yellowstone. The first morning as I was digging in my pack for underwear I realized I had forgotten to bring them... so she offered a pair of hers. What the heck! I will never forget those... pink with white lace trim. Anyway, my wife thought I... Click to Read More

Panty Drawers

Over the years I have spent many hours playing in other womens panty drawers. My first was my neighbors when she had me dog sit for her. I was 13. I saw her silky white rayon panties on the floor, picked them up and felt myself get hard. I wondered how they would feel on me and with a few rubs next thing i knew i was... Click to Read More

Broke The Ice

I was shopping for panties at Macy's with the help of a young lady sales associate. She acted a little nervous showing and explaining panties to a man. To put her at ease I told her they were for me, in case she was not sure how to discuss and show me the product. She smiled and looked at me and said, "that's... Click to Read More

Trade Underwear

I was shopping for panties at Kohl's. When I went to the cashier she asked if I needed any gift receipts and I admitted to her that the panties were for me and that I wear panties because they are more comfortable. She said she doesn't like women's underwear, so I asked her what she prefers. She said she likes... Click to Read More