Soft N Silky

So my first real shopping experience. My wife works nights and she asked me to drive her in she works about an hour from home so I did. We have no retail stores in town so I decided to go to the mall nearby. I was quite nervous I walked into sears and was looking around. Then this older SA walked up to me and asked if she could help. Me not knowing what to say I told her I was looking for something soft and silky. She was walking me around pointing out some stuff she showed me something very lacey and I said they don?t look comfy for all day wear and she was surprised and said most men don?t worry about that. Then I told her I have to worry because they are for me. After she heard that she brought me over to some other panties and said I might like these. She then asked what size and I wasn?t sure she looked at me and said try these 2 and let her know. Now I was surprised and said I can try them on and she said yes I just need to go to the men?s dressing rooms for which she apologized for and I said don?t worry I won?t get my panties all in a bunch over it. We both had a good laugh and I bought the panties.
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