Wife Caught Me

It was Friday morning and I decided I was going to work from home, so I called my office assistant and told her to open the office I might be in later, made a pot coffee took a cup into my wife, "aren't you going into the office today?" nope going to work from home today and I thought I would bake some bread.

I kissed my wife goodbye and watched her drive away, went to the bedroom and striped down, opened up my secret drawer and pulled out some things to put on, walked into my home office and got some papers out, it didn't take nearly as long as I expected so I decided to start the bread, mixed up all ingredients and was beginning to knead the dough.

I had the radio on and up kinda loud so I did not hear the garage door open, I was kneading away, when I looked up and saw my wife standing there in the hallway to garage, "what are you wearing" she asks in a surprised kinda voice, "is this what you do when you stay home?" not always I said, "and who's clothes are those they don't look like mine?" no there mine, she walks over to me, and gives me the signal to do a turn, "well lets see how you look, MMM nice," I'll go change, "No, No, let me go change, you just continue what your doing" by the time I was done and the bread was rising, she had come back into the kitchen.

She was wearing a floor length hot pink satin nightgown with black lace top thigh high stockings and black shiny pumps, Ohh man she was hot!, she walks over to me and rubs my manhood through my skirt, "can you take a break?" yep just gotta let the bread rise, "MMM I think I can get something else to rise as well", Your not mad at me? "no I've known for quite some time that you dress up like this sometimes, I just never knew how to approach the subject, you know it kinda turns me on", wow I thought you would want to leave me if you ever found out. She says "I love you no matter what that's what love is", I am one of the lucky ones, we ended up making love, we started in the kitchen and eventually made it to the bedroom, now she dresses me a lot.

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