40 year old average guy. Accept sometimes I like to wear ladies clothes. Not all them. Just certain types of panties (in this case full cut cotton briefs in colors or prints) or nightshirt nightie or cute top. On occasion a cute dress. And I don't want to be a woman just like the feeling while wearing. One day I got my wish sort of by accident. It was a rainy day and I was helping a friend with her laundry and housecleaning for an upcoming family function at her place. We as I was coming back into the house having taken out some trash I slipped on the stairs n fell backward into a huge mud puddle. If that weren't enough as I got up I fell forward into the same puddle. I finally got up and made it to the house. As I got there we both sorta laughed about my predicament. She told me a bath was in order n she'd wash my things as soon as her stuff came out. Knowing it would be awhile before that would happen she said she'd look find me something to wear. She ran the tub n put in bubbles for fun. I meanwhile had stripped off my clothes and walked to the bathroom. We had seen each other many times in various modes of dress. So this was nothing new for us. After the bath I found a pink fluffy towel and dried off. She told me she left clothes on the bed for me to put on. At first I fought it cause I wasn't about to wear girl clothes. But deep down I wanted to put them on. There was a pale purple pair of cotton full cut briefs and a my little pony shirt n some footies fir my feet. I put it all on n walked out. She thought I looked cute n hugged me gushing at how I looked. We had fun watching movies and talking that night even sneaking in a cuddle in there.

Since then on occasion we have girls nights at her place or something not so much people. She knows of my desires and wishes but also my choice of not wanting to be a woman or only like wearing certain things..... more to come another time

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