Caught Starting Out

when i first started dressing fully, with a wig and shoes and such, i was newly married and without children. i got my first skirt at the local goodwill and generally just snagged my bras and panties from my wife. i eventually bought my own, when i started to buy my own pantyhose (which i just LOVE by the way) and then started buying shoes at the payless.

well, early one saturday when my wife had to work, i got up as she drove out of the driveway. i tucked into a snug pair of nylon panty briefs, pulled on some dark shaded pantyhose and a pretty lace bra with my "forms". i made them from nude knee highs and rice. they werent perfect but they filled the C cups nicely and with some careful lifting and positioning, they gave me some cleavage. i then popped a full nylon slip over my head. i pulled on my "new" mid calf skirt and added a black knit sweater of my wifes. i stepped into my low heeled pumps (2" heel) and walked out to my truck. the garage was out back so no one saw me walk out all dressed.

i drove to a local outlet mall that wasnt open yet and got out to start walking around. i spotted some other early shoppers so made sure as to not be seen up close. i had no warpaint on other than some lipstick and i didnt have a wig. i avoided the 2 couples and made my way back to the truck.

on the way home i decided to stop at the bank and use the walk up ATM, just for the thrill of it. i didnt have a purse or a ladies pocketbook so if anyone had noticed they might have known something was up. i went in, checked my balance and turned to leave. just as i walked through the outer lobby door, a lady about my age +/- reached out to hold the door for me! she looked at me and i stammered about how a bunch of my friends and i were going to the airport dressed up to pick up a buddy coming home on military leave and she complimented me on my outfit, saying "you look very nice for your friend, im sure he'll appreciate it!" with a what seemed like a very genuine smile. i felt pretty good about myself considering i hadnt shaved in a couple of days and im sure i had bags under my eyes!

well i got home, decided to enjoy being dressed for a while and completely lost track of time. as i was running my hands over my body in the den, i see my wife drive in past the window! oh no! i got undressed in record time literally tearing my pantyhose off my body! i managed to get my lips cleaned and some sweatpants on before she made it in the door.

my heart had been racing most of the time i was out and now it was going full blast again!

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