Banged In Boron

Banged in Boron

In late summer of 2009 I was driving back across the desert from a trip to the Bay Area. It was a relatively quiet week night on the usually hectic California Highway 58, hot and clear and a perfect night for a stop to soak up the stars. I needed to get out of the car anyway because my panties were sticking to my fanny and my heels were getting tight. A quick walk around a rest stop would do an old whore some good so I pulled over in to the rest stop just West of Boron.

There were the usual number of semi’s and cars in the parking lot so I headed for the far east end where I could stretch out and not be too close to the rest of the other cars. I pulled in to a quiet and dark parking spot and shut down the car and got out to stretch. Purse and water bottle in hand I walked over to a picnic table and stood leaning against the table and stretching my legs. The short black satin skater skirt I was wearing allowed ample room for the cooling desert breeze to reach my fanny and the air felt good. I decided to walk a bit to get my circulation going and made a loop of the east end. Thankfully I was only wearing 4 inch heels and the walk felt good.

While I was out sashaying around the sidewalks I noticed a car on the West end start up and with only parking lights on it headed very slowly down toward my end of the lot. I watched as it slowly cruised, noted the open driver’s side window and also noted that it was a champagne colored Coupe De Ville, mid ‘70’s by my guess and the driver appeared to be an older man. I started heading back to my car and as I did I could feel the eyes of the man studying me carefully. He then turned in to a parking space next to my car while I was still 50 feet away and stopped his engine. I saw his door open and he got out and walked to the front of his car. The only light was a street lamp about 10 yards away and the ambient moonlight. I could see that he was an older man, probably at least late 50’s, burly, about 6’ tall and was wearing only khaki shorts, a tank top and sandals. I also noted a tell-tale tent in his crotch area. As I neared my car I heard him say “Nice night…………….nice legs.” I smiled and made eye contact with him and I knew he had made me as a drag queen but he seemed interested in pursuing a conversation. I stopped in front of my car and responded “yes it is, I love this time of year and time of night in the desert. Love your car.”

He smiled and by this time I could make out the very rugged features of a latin man in his late 50’s, dark creased face and thick graying mustache. He had close-cropped hair finished in a flat top and was build like the proverbial brick shit house. His upper arms made my thighs look like tooth picks, one arm sported a complete sleeve of aging tattoos and on the other he had what looked like an expensive watch. His car looked like a complete restoration, beautiful in the low light and again I complimented his car and then cast my eyes down to the tent in his shorts.

He responded by saying ‘Don’t worry baby, I won’t bite. Come on over and take a closer look. I did this Caddy myself and I love to show it off.” I was drawn to him. Something in his rough voice, club fighter looks and easy manner told me that this was a really good guy, a good man, a man’s man, and I sensed that I was the kind of gurl he wanted to find out in the middle of the Mojave in the middle of the night. I stood next to him in front of his warm hood and he patted the hood indicating for me to plant my fanny on the hood next to him. As I did he introduced himself as Carlos, I responded with my typical “Miss Bobbi Satin, queen of the Desert” and he laughed saying “baby you are the queen of the queens.” We both laughed and started talking about the desert, cars, stars and music. He said “Baby, I have a great mixed CD in the car. Let’s sit down.

He opened the passenger side door and I slid my satin-clad fanny across the most supple calf skin leather I have ever felt. The interior of the car was luxurious. He slid in and hit “go” on the CD player and a soft salsa dance tune started. As we sat on the huge bench seat I inched closer to him and put my left leg up on the hump to give him a better view and a shot at copping a feel. It was not long before I felt his hand on my knee and when I did not resist it moved up to my thigh. Still sensing no resistance he started stroking my nylon clad leg. I could feel the strength in his hands even through the light touch he had on my. His hands were easily double the size of my and fingers were thick and covered with a rawhide like skin from years of hard work. But he was so gentle and new just how to stoke a leg to get the right reaction. And reaction he got. I popped a rare woodie, for me rare, and made a tent in my panties and pushed up the fine purple satin fabric of my skater skirt. He put his other arm around my shoulders and squeezed next to me, his left hand caging my tootie and fanny all in one motion. I knew at that point that I was going to get fucked like I have not been fucked in a long time and made motions to turn toward him and try to get on my back. He eased me around, laid me back on the seat and pulled my left leg on top of he seat back and held it there with his shoulder. With both hands under my fanny he now scooted me closer, then shot his index finger of his right hand around my panty gossett and penetrated my fanny. As he worked that finger up to my love button his left hand came down on my tootie and clasped it in a handful of satin panty fabric and he started stroking me. Between the anal penetration by his huge finger and the feel of his huge, rough hands on my tootie I only lasted a minute before I shot my little load of gurlie love juice in to the front of my panties. He kept stroking me and got himself in to positions and I heard his zipper go, then felt his thighs against the backs of my thighs as he pulled my fanny up and in to position. His last move was to drop the back of my panties down to gain access and then I felt the huge blunt tip of his beer can cock as it knocked at my love door. I eased back and opened up for him and he took me with slow, gentle strokes going ever deeper with each thrust. His girth had me fully dilated and Soon I had his full length in me.

Carlos gently rocked back and forth as he drove his cock in to me with gentle but firm thrusts. Having just cum I was right on the top of my sensory overload and I let him fully have me and helped by wrapping my legs over his shoulders. I could feel his weight on me and his strength as he plunged in me and withdrew almost to the point of coming out and then once again leaned in to me. This went on for what seemed a lost weekend as I stared at the headliner of his car and took his lust. Carlos’ breathing got heavier and his thrust more authoritative and I surrendered to him as he neared his orgasm. With a grunt he put his full weight on me, clamped his arms around me in a submission style bear hug and came. Came is not the word I am looking for. He exploded. I felt his hot semen stream out of him like lava from a volcano. Immediately I was flooded with love juice and once again I was even hard. He collapsed on me in both exhaustion and victory and I embraced him his hard enough not to slow down his breathing.

We laid there together for about 10 minutes while we pulled ourselves together. He asked “You OK baby?” and I responded with a coo. He pulled himself up and then slowly pulled himself out of me and said “Fuck baby, I hope you are going to give me your number.” I responded “It will be on tag attached to my house key, lover!” I did give him my numbers, e-mail addresses and told him where I lived. He was only 45 miles away from me and was up in my neighborhood for work regularly. That chance connection has led to a 7 year series of hot nooners at my place and has luck would have it, he is a frequent flier to the car shows where I now live.

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